Central Development Corporation focuses on the delivery of three key services to support community economic development in Prince Edward Island rural communities.


Project Management: The delivery of project planning, development and implementation services, to strategic community and economic development initiatives. These services are available to community organizations, municipalities or private businesses requiring support to see a project through to completion. Fees are tied to project costs similar to professional services.

Program Administration/Delivery: Similar to project management, program administration is the delivery of on-going programs aimed at enhancing business skills, promoting entrepreneurship or supporting the not for profit sector. The Young Millionaires Program is a great examples of the programs CDC delivers.


Property Management: With over 200,000 square feet of commercial space currently under management, CDC aims to attract new or expanding business investment to the central region by offering low lease rates, access to incentive programs, and central locations. For the detailed listings of available space visit or call to discuss today.

Development Fund Applications

Central Development Corporation administers the following three community economic development funds that support employment opportunities, enhance community infrastructure, or increase the sustainability of the particular area.

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