Request for Proposals: Youth Entrepreneurship Program – Business Workshop Facilitator and Mentor

January 12, 2016

Request for Proposals: Youth Entrepreneurship Program – Business Workshop Facilitator and Mentor

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In 2015, Central Development Corporation (CDC) coordinated a pilot program, Student Biz PEI to provide young entrepreneurs with training, assistance with the business planning process and funds to offset startup costs for their summer business. The participants not only gained experience in setting up and operating their own business but also enhanced life skills such as self-confidence, communication and time management throughout this program. Provided with startup funding and training in business development, each were able to effectively take their business from idea to action.


The application process for the Student Biz program for 2016 has recently been launched. CDC is currently soliciting proposals from qualified business development professionals to facilitate a maximum of three series of 4 workshops for this program in March 2016 and provide mentorship and support to the student as they operate their business.


 To secure a business development professional to:

  1. Deliver educational workshops to youth entrepreneurs (March 2016).
  2. Act as a business mentor to up to 15 students enrolled in the program to operate a business.
  3. Communicate with the Program Administrator and Advisory Committee on a regular basis.

Scope of Work

 The Business Development Consultant would be required to deliver a maximum of four (4) two (2) hour business development workshops at three (3) locations in PEI – Central Bedeque, Charlottetown area, and Montague area for a total of 12 workshops in March 2016. The specific dates and locations will be coordinated by the program administrator at CDC in consultation with the consultant selected.

The business workshops will focus on the following areas and the general curriculum has been developed for each during the pilot program in 2015.


  1. The Business Planning Process
  2. Market Research
  3. Financial Statements
  4. Advertising and Marketing


Throughout the workshops, the participants will develop their original business idea into a business plan. There must be some time allocated for the participants to work on their business plans during workshops; however students will also be expected to spend additional time on their plans outside of the workshops. Each of the participants will submit their business plan for review and assessment by the Program Advisory Committee upon completion of the workshop series.


The Consultant will be required to discuss the progress of the participants and communicate regularly with the program administrator (CDC) and Advisory Committee consisting of funding agencies as required.


During the student’s operating period, the consultant will provide mentorship to up to 15 students enrolled in the program. The mentor must be reasonably available and accessible to the students requiring advice and/or support during this time. A minimum of one site visit to their place of business during their operating period must be conducted by the mentor.


Contents of Submission

 The information below should be included in the Consultant’s proposal.


  1. Demonstration of an understanding of the project and a methodology for completing the work within the required time frame.
  2. An outline of the consultant’s business development education and experience including experience specifically working with youth.
  3. A proposed cost providing a quotation to fulfill the defined scope of work. Though the maximum number of workshops is set at 12, the final number of workshops may be adjusted based on enrollment in the program. Therefore this quotation must specify the cost per workshop or series of workshops. Quotation must include all anticipated expenses related to the assignment but can exclude HST.


Interested consultants are requested to submit a proposal no later than 4 pm on January 29, 2016 by email to the attention of Nicole Warren, Executive Director of Central Development Corporation.



Phone:             902-887-3400


The successful proponent will be required to complete a criminal record check prior to award.


 CDC reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal. The lowest bidder, nor any bidder, has any entitlement to award. The client accepts no responsibility for expenses incurred in connection with the preparation of the proposal